In autumn 2016 Tae Ashida celebrated her 25th anniversary as a designer.
To commemorate the occasion a short documentary film has been realized,
directed by actor/director Takumi Saitoh,
exploring all aspects of “Ashida creation” over a period of half a year.

In a maison with a history of over 50 years and a peerless reputation,
we see the flow of the process, from fabric selection, through the birth of the designs,
the fittings, and the work of the technical experts,
and visit the day of the show – the brilliant runway, and its back-stage ...
Everything falls into place during the long interview by director Saitoh.
What is “fashion” to Tae Ashida,
and what are her thoughts about following her famous father as a designer.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to view this world
precisely and beautifully painted by Takumi Saitoh.


My work as director of the documentary film
commemorating the 25th anniversary of Tae Ashida began by “chance,”
yet is now leading toward a very “certain” destination.
Working intimately with expert seamstresses and master artisans,
maintaining the constant production of the maison,
the process through which Tae transforms design into merchandise,
especially in this age of fast fashion,
must become a work of lasting value.

October 2016
Takumi Saitoh


Takumi Saitoh Profile

Takumi Saitoh / actor, film director
2012: debut as a director with the short film Sakurairo
2015: his short film Hanbun no Sekai nominated for the International Emmy
Award and awarded the Identity Prize at the Serbia-Japan Film Festival
Presently directing his first original feature length film Blank 13

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